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I bought this car in October 1999 from an orthopedic surgeon, in very good condition, nearly as new. The name of the color is "Moreagrünmetallic". There were only 97 cars of this type built. I own No. 97, the last one ever built. Alpina is a small manufacturer in Germany that produces exclusive sports cars based on BMW cars. The very rare B12 coupe uses the BMW E31 chassis and has 350 hp, runs 281 km/h and has several significant engine and suspension differences compared to the standard E31 model. The car is a real beauty and it is a great pleasure to drive it in the Alps or on the non-limit German Autobahn. To see the image in full size (1200x1600) simply click the thumbnail. To go to the next page click the arrow below the four pages. These images are copyrighted by me, and must not published anywhere else without my permission. For personal use - e.g. as desktop background - they are free.

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